Recruitment as personnel consulting or personnel advisory service includes on the one hand tailored direct search and the selection of high potentials, experts as well as executives who are a perfect fit for the relevant positon and on the other hand to go together with the candidate and the company through the whole hiring process. We find the right candidates through recommendations and networks and are hereby able to present you the best match for each and every positon.

An attendant and full service legal advisory service develops together with the client a comprehensive and sound strategy and finds fast and efficient answers according the constantly and rapidly changing legal and economic requirements. All our legal advisers have a considerable experience and are dedicated to what they're doing next to having a distinct entrepreneurial sense of thinking which enables them to adapt to your specific understanding and need of a successful legal advisery.

Contemporary human resources management aims to sustainable business success, value preservation and value creation. Our expertise is based on the application-oriented combination of proven scientific concepts on the one hand, as well as experience in the operational implementation of HR tools of our consultants on the other. We help you succeed in the implementation of 'state-of-the-art' human resource management tools and contemporary HR strategies.

Customer oriented consultancy as a service is always based on independance, mutual trust, competence, integrity, effectivity, confidentiality and objektivity of the consultation in accordance to the individuality of the customer. Next to that consultation always needs to achieve the targeted success. We take our commitment to you seriously and apply a flexible and creative approach to meet your needs and to achieve the success you targeted in a staightforward and transparent way.

Quotes from the Management Team

We can only achieve our goals if we take the people with us on the road. Important are hereby always clearness, reliability, openess and honesty.

Peter Hradil
Chairman LYDON WELLS Group & Managing Partner LYDON WELLS CEE

Who we are

LYDON WELLS is a top European full-service consulting company, helping clients to achieve their goals by combining the highest standards with local and cross-border expertise in the fields of Recruitment, HR Consulting and Management Consulting.

LYDON WELLS has offices in 8 European Cities (Frankfurt, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Skopje, Riga, Minsk, Moscow) and is hereby able to provide most effective and fast solutions for virtually any corner in Europe.
Each of the offices serves hereby the bordering regions as a local hub for pan European services.